Ant IPO Might Actually See Light: China Proposes Lower Penalty For Jack Ma’s Fintech Affiliate – Yahoo Finance

// 阿里巴巴集團控股有限公司(NYSE: BABA)旗下的金融科技子公司螞蟻集團可能面臨較低的罰款,因為監管機構正準備結束多年的行業打壓。這樣的罰款可能會緩解這家金融科技公司獲得期待已久的金融控股公司許可證,尋求增長,並最終在市場上首次亮相的道路。

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA) fintech affiliate Ant Group is likely for a lower penalty as regulators brace to end a years-long industry crackdown. The penalty will likely ease the fintech firm’s path to secure a long-awaited financial holding company license, seek growth, and eventually make its market debut //


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