Crypto Exchange Bittrex Violated Federal Laws, SEC Charges in Lawsuit

// 美國證券交易委員會在周一的新聞稿中表示,Bittrex與加密貨幣發行者合作,刪除了"引人問題的聲明",這些聲明可能會被SEC調查,其中包括價格預測和暗示"預期盈利"的聲明。SEC還聲稱Bittrex應該註冊為交易所、清算機構和經紀人,因為它提供了這三種實體的服務。

Bittrex worked with crypto issuers to “delete … ‘problematic statements'" that the SEC would investigate, the regulator said in a press release Monday, including price predictions and statements implying an “expectation of profit." The SEC also claims Bittrex should have registered as an exchange, clearing agency and broker, as it provided the services of all three types of entities. //


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