XT.COM and Infinity Labs Hosted Texas Hold’em Yacht Party at Crypto Night Extravaganza in Hong Kong Web3 Festival – Yahoo Finance

// XT.COM和Infinity Labs聯合TraderX、Crust、7 O’Clock Capital和Blocklike舉辦了得克薩斯撲克遊艇派對暨加密貨幣之夜。該活動於4月13日在香港一個神秘的場地舉行。

XT.COM and Infinity Labs organized the Texas Hold’em Yacht Party, a Crypto Night Extravaganza, in collaboration with TraderX, Crust, 7 O’Clock Capital, and Blocklike. The event took place on April 13th at an oriented invitation-only address in Hong Kong. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/xt-com-infinity-labs-hosted-152000630.html //


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