Ring ring, Solana’s web3-focused Saga phone is calling – TechCrunch

// 與典型的Android設備不同,Saga擁有web3功能以及一個「Solana dApp商店」,您可以在其中找到適用於web3平台的應用程式… 但使用這部手機並非最流暢的體驗。手機有時運行緩慢,我不得不多次關閉和重新打開dApps,因為加密錢包和NFT鑄幣平台不斷卡死

Unlike typical Android devices, the Saga has web3 features and a “Solana dApp Store,” where you can find apps for web3 platforms… But using the phone was not the smoothest experience. The phone was sometimes slow, and I had to close and reopen dApps multiple times because the crypto wallet and NFT minting platform kept freezing. https://techcrunch.com/2023/04/13/ring-ring-solanas-web3-focused-saga-phone-is-calling/ //


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