Hong Kong lets African tech startups set up their headquarters there … – Tech in Africa

// 香港正在為想要遷移到當地的非洲科技初創企業提供方便。在香港設立辦公室從未像現在這樣容易,得益於香港特別行政區政府負責外商直接投資的機構 InvestHK 提供的幫助。

Hong Kong is making it easy for African tech startups that want to move there to do so. Setting up your offices in Hong Kong has never been easier than with the help of InvestHK, the part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government in charge of foreign direct investment. https://www.techinafrica.com/hong-kong-lets-african-tech-startups-set-up-their-headquarters-there-how-to-do-it/ //


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