Hong Kong SFC Official Says DeFi Projects Could Face Regulatory Requirements

// Keith Choy 是香港證券及期貨事務監察委員會(SFC)中介機構的代理主管。根據 Choy 的說法,提供自動化交易服務是《證券及期貨條例》下受規管的活動。如果一個去中心化的平台允許交易數字資產,而這些資產被認為是《證券及期貨條例》下的證券或期貨,該平台和經營者需要持有第7類牌照。

Offering automated trading provisions is a regulated activity under the SFO, according to Choy. If a decentralized platform enables trading in digital assets, that also comprise securities or futures as explained under the SFO, the platform, and operators are needed to have a Type 7 license. https://www.coinspeaker.com/hong-kong-sfc-defi-projects-regulatory/ //


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