Ethereum’s highly-anticipated network upgrade is here. Here’s how the change will impact the world’s 2nd biggest cryptocurrency.

// 以太坊所謂的「上海升級」使得投資者可以排隊提取已承諾幫助運營以太坊網絡並獲取獎勵的以太幣,這個過程被稱為權益份額贊助。根據Nansen的數據,升級後的12小時內,只有0.3%的全部18.1萬個已承諾的代幣被撤回,以太幣最高漲幅達到了5.2%,來到了2,008美元。

The so-called Shanghai update enables investors to queue up to withdraw Ether coins that they had pledged to help operate the Ethereum network in return for rewards, a process called staking. Ether jumped as much as 5.2% to $2,008 as just 0.3% of all 18.1 million tokens staked were withdrawn in the 12 hours following the upgrade, according to data from Nansen. //


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