Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corp strengthens … – BSA bureau

// 阿斯特捷利康(AstraZeneca)也將在設立香港國際辦事處方面提供諮詢支援,並協助將海外投資者與香港科技園區(HKSTP)的共同孵化計劃相連接。此外,將在香港科技園區舉辦海外與中國研發健康會議的路演活動,跨越地域界限建立非傳統合作夥伴關係

AstraZeneca will also provide consultation on setting up international offices in Hong Kong and support connecting overseas investors with HKSTP co-incubation programmes. Besides, roadshow sessions at HKSTP will be held for overseas and China R&D Health Conferences to forge non-traditional partnerships across geographical boundaries https://www.biospectrumasia.com/news/26/22228/hong-kong-science-and-technology-parks-corp-strengthens-collaboration-with-astrazeneca.html //


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