OP Crypto Raises $28 Million

// The OP Crypto Fund of Funds (FoF), which calls itself the “first crypto ventures fund of funds focused on investing in emerging managers on a global-scale,” has raised $28 million. “Bridging Asia & the West by backing global blockchain products,” the Venture Capital fund says on its Twitter profile.

OP Crypto Fund of Funds(FoF),自稱為“全球首個專注於全球性投資新興經理人的加密創業基金”,已籌集到2800萬美元。“通過支持全球區塊鏈產品,連接亞洲和西方”,該風險資本基金在其Twitter資料中表示。 https://www.trustnodes.com/2023/04/06/op-crypto-raises-28-million //


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