Hong Kong’s crypto regulations set the bar high for ‘good reason … – Technical Ripon

// Gazmararian explained that the SFC’s approach is to ask VASPs to apply the same standards that existing financial institutions, like huge banks and huge asset managers, have to comply with. These high standards might pose challenges for the crypto industry in Hong Kong over the short term, Gazmararian said. She pointed out that crypto businesses are often in the startup phase, and many have funding but not hundreds of millions.

Gazmararian解釋道,證監會的做法是要求虛擬資產服務商應用現有金融機構(如大型銀行和大型資產管理公司)需要遵守的相同標準。Gazmararian表示,這些高標準可能在短期內對香港的加密行業構成挑戰。她指出,加密企業通常處於創業階段,許多企業有資金但卻沒有數億元。 https://www.technicalripon.com/hong-kongs-crypto-regulations-set-the-bar-high-for-good-reason-says-sfc-adviser/ //


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