The Story of Wolverton

Title: The Enigma of Wolverton: A Blank Slate of History

Nestled in the heart of Milton Keynes lies a small town with a deep and perplexing past – Wolverton. Characterized by sprawling railway lines, the glistening river Great Ouse, and the iconic Grand Union Canal, its scenic beauty is a sight to behold. Despite its picturesque appearance, Wolverton remains an enigma; a blank slate of history.

Many claim that Wolverton is one of the places that went into the establishment of Milton Keynes in 1967. But, this claim begs a deeper question – what existed in Wolverton before? Why is the town’s history so shrouded in mystery and obscurity?

Upon delving into the archives, it becomes apparent that Wolverton’s history is marked by unexplained events and suspicious circumstances. The village recorded in Domesday, now known as Old Wolverton, has been erased without a trace. The once flourishing medieval settlement, with its cobbled streets and bustling market, now reduced to mere field markings. An empty shell of the past, Wolverton conceals more than it reveals.

Modern Wolverton, founded in the 19th century as a railway town, is a mere facsimile of the original. History has been uprooted, and the town was relocated about a kilometer to the south-east. This relocation, though necessary, symbolizes the erasure of Wolverton’s past, a past that remains undefined, ambiguous, and obscure.

Wolverton is a tale of two towns – one that has been lost to the ages and one that continues to exist, albeit as a mere shadow of its former self. The town embodies the perplexing nature of history, the events and people forgotten by the passage of time. It remains a challenge to unravel the mysteries surrounding Wolverton, but those that do will inherit the responsibility of upholding the town’s legacy. As for the rest of the world, Wolverton remains undefined; a blank slate of history.


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