Brian Wong
Founder and CEO at Kiip

創辦 Kiip 的 Brian Wong 在 LinkedIn 有篇熱門文章,標題是「Copycats: 最真誠的驗證」,在互聯網復製成本愈來愈低,抄襲現像愈來愈普及的情況之下,Brian 提醒各位Startups 創辦人,如果你的Startups項目被人抄襲,你應該感到高興而不是懊惱。因為抄襲與模仿,正正是最有效的市場驗證之一,證明你走對方向了。

Brian 更提出幾個實用小貼士,教大家如何在被模仿的時候,晚上依然可以「睡得安樂」:

  • Focus on what’s ahead, not who’s in your rearview mirror
    As a rule, copiers can only mimic what they can see. They’re reverse engineering a concept they’ve seen. But it’s tough to build a airplane from just seeing it.
  • Remember, imitators are not competitors.
    A competitor is challenging your market share meaningfully and innovating in their own right, whereas an imitator is a watered-down version of your company. An imitator may have copied your idea, but they cannot transplant your execution.
  • Get your IP ducks in a row.
    Build defensibility into your brand, data, successes and ultimately your ability to execute. Don’t forget that plagiarism by others can sometimes be illegal. Patent trolls are unfortunately becoming more prevalent within the startup scene. Don’t optimize what you create for a patent. Try your best to innovate first.

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