Bernard Marr
Best-selling business author and enterprise performance expert

Successful people often paint a picture of the perfect ascent to success. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneur in the world have failed. Many have failed numerous times but they have never given up.

Let’s look at some examples:

Henry Ford – the pioneer of modern business entrepreneurs and the founder of the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford failed a number of times on this route to success. His first venture dissolved in a year and a half because the stockholder lost confidence in him. He then was able to gather capital to start again but a year later the financiers forced him out of the company again.

Walt Disney – Before the great success Walt Disney came a number of failures. Walt was fired from an early job at the Kansas City Star Newspaper because he was not creative enough. Then he started his first company called Laugh-O-Gram. It would produce cartoons and short advertising films. One year the company went bankrup and Walt didn’t give up.

Richard Branson – He dropped out of school when he was 16, he then started a student magazine but that didn’t do as well as he hoped. Richard then setup a mail-order record business which did so well that he opened his own record shop called Virgin.

J.K. Rowling – Like so many writers J.K. Rowling received rejections from publishers. At the same time she was a divorced single mum on welfare and that made her story even more inspiring.

Bill Gates – Before Microsoft, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert co-founded a business to read data from roadway traffic counters and create automated report on traffic flows. But without a good business that left the company with few customers. The company ran up lossess between 1974 and 1980 before it was closed.

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