在 Google Play Store 上的 Facebook Home 軟件,只有少量的 Android 手機獲支援,而且限於局部的地區和國家。為此,MoDaCo 創辦人 Paul O’Brien 提出了破解方法,避開 Facebook Home 的 Checking,讓較進階的用戶,也可以安裝到 Facebook Home(此安裝涉及風險,後果自負):


On an unsupported device? No option to activate Facebook Home? Don’t worry, I have you covered! I’ve patched the Facebook application to remove the device check. You need to uninstall your existing Facebook, Messenger and Home applications (necessary because the patched versions are re-signed), then install the patched Facebook main app (katana) – DOWNLOAD (ROMraid), the patched Messenger app (orca) – DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) and the patched Home app – DOWNLOAD (ROMraid). Sign in and in the Facebook application’s ‘Settings’ menu the Facebook Home option should appear for you!



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