Sony的老套Google TV遙控

我曾有幸在日本看過一次Google TV的產品示範,其實是可以支援Android應用程式作基本的控制,看過的功能示範包括搜尋、選台、輸入文字。不過,當初示範用的Android應用程式還是prototype,看上去很陽春的感覺。然而,我看至少比Sony的這個強上百倍千倍才對!

Google TV’s Remote Control Is Awful — Here’s What It SHOULD Look Like

If Google is actually serious about reinventing TV, it should have done something about the remote control, too.
The images we’ve seen about the remote that Sony will supposedly be offering for its Google TVs are mind boggling. A big hunk of plastic with a million buttons. As we said earlier, it looks like something out of a Sharper Image catalog from the 1980s.

photo source: engadget

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