1. I agreed. iPhone is just a so and so gadget. There was not much surprise in the concept itself. Same as all the iPods. iPod had an innovative selection disc only. However, building such a so and so gadget is no simple task. Not many companies can build it. It was the brand, sales & marketing with finance to make it successful.

  2. Hmm….iPhone. I love how Steven Jobs presented iPhone in the MacWorld Conference. He is a great presenters and sales. He knows how to make people buy Apple product.

    When Apple was not yet Incorp. Apple only got two persons, that’s Steven Woz and Steven Jobs. Steve Woz, who made the first apple computer.(P.S. there may not be many people know Woz) He is the engineer of the Apple garage. AT that time, he was working for HP. Then, Steve Jobs is the one who goes out and sells Apple computer. Then, their story begins.

    For the iPhone, I think the target market is not Asia. That’s why we need to wait too long for it. But with this fast changing tech world, we can have much more powerful phone later when iPhone is actually released in Asia. So….iPhone becomes less tempting…unless Steven Jobs can make iPhone as popular and as hot as iPod…but phone market is quite different from media players market.


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