I was born in Hong Kong and 100% Hong Konger and worked in Beijing for more than four years. I know the branding gap between Hong Kong and China is large.

Not just ordinary people like it. Their juice serves in air. If you have take any chinese airlines such as air china, oriental airline, southern, northern, hainai, etc. the orange, apple or pineapple juice are 匯源. It is number one top brand juice in China. Somehow even famous than 維他奶 or 屈臣氏汽水 to Hong Kong people. do you get my point then? It is 家傳戶曉 的名牌. It is more famous than 康師傅.

For the taste, it is lots better than 康師傅 & 統一 & troppicanna. It is not surprise why Wellcome and Parkn shop does not have chinese top brand because Hong kong citizen like imported food and we do not believe chinese food quality. This is a tradition.

After seeing your article in apple daily, I have a suggestion, if you do not live in Mainland, you can make some local mainland friend to become your market intelligent. Or some hong kong people who live in mainland. Perhaps they can tell you 京喀 & 物美 supper market is lousy, most people do not go there. Ordinary people will go to 家樂福 & 聯華 supper market.

Sydney Chow

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